Live Classes

Roaming Zen goes live online for all your Zen, bringing us together in a different way.

Everyone will be able to ‘enjoy the movement’ from anywhere. All your favs will be streamed live for you to enjoy. Lots of live classes to choose from including Barre, Pilates and Yoga.

We believe in the value of live streaming to get us moving at home. We will know who’s in the class (and even see you if you choose) virtual hugs will be always complimentary!

Explore the class descriptions and schedule below to find your perfect Zen!


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How do I book a live-streamed online class?

If you need some help with this, talk to one of the team.

Book & sign into the class that is on the schedule titled ‘LIVE… class-name’

Register with ZOOM (it’s free) simply save the ‘meeting’ in your calendar & we’ll send you a link for the class a couple of hours earlier, so you can join us a couple of minutes before!